Blue belt

Skor//Second hand, tradera 595 kr
Kjol//Second hand, loppis 5 kr
Bälte//Second hand, loppis 5 kr
Tröja//H&M 199 kr
Skinnjacka//Second hand, loppis 300 kr
Hatt//H&M 99 kr



undrar inte dina grannar vad du gör då du tar massa foto utanför er ha ha ha

» Aaron

I liked these photos, you're really pretty and have a good shape, I also like that it's second hand items, because I think that's very good for the environment also. I thought it was a good post about making homemade gifts to give for Christmas, I might try to put together something like that, if my baking skills hold up, haha. Homemade food tastes so much better I think. Have a good weekend, Christmas hug!

» Roni

Himla jätte mycke snyggt!!:)

» Sari

Så fint!

Wow va fin du är!

Galet snyggt!

Riktigt snyggt!

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