Outfit måndag!

Skor//Nelly.com, 149 kr
Klänning//Mammas, Second hand, loppis
Body//Cubus, ca 30 kr
Hatt//H&M, 99 kr
Skärp//Second hand, loppis ca 10 kr


ÅÅÅH SKORNA! Fantastiska!

» Bunny


vilken fin klänning!

» Elin

Supersnyggt! :)

» Elin


» Aaron

You know I remember reading that the singer Chris Isaak was into the second-hand stores and actually decorated his whole apartment or house in San Fran with that. You're very pretty Jen, I like your style. What's your favorite Elvis tune?

skitsnyggt! :D

Aaron: Thank you :) My favorite Elvis tune is Burning love.

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