Läsarstilen #9

Today 24 year old Ejvi is sharing her outfit with us. Visit her blog here; http://ejvifreedom.blogspot.com

Jeans - Mango 
Blouse - H&M
Shoes - Jessica Simpson
Belt - Moschino
Bag - New Yorker

This makes her inspired:
I find inspiration from bloggers, fashion magazines, movies, from people in the street... I love fashion and can see it everywhere. I work as a Producer for marketing but once I'd like to help people choose what to wear.

I like her outfit, It's simple but not to simple, it's still interesting! I love her Moschino belt, I'd like to have one of those myself. And I like her outfit because it's cute and cool on the same time, and her bag is so nice! Visit her blog for more inspiration and outfits!! =)

Do you want me to post your outfit on my blog?
Send one or a few pictures to me and write where your clothes and accessories are from. Then I want your name, age and blogadress.  You can also write what makes you inspired but you don't have to.
Send it to: [email protected]

» Ejvi

Hi Jen, thanks a lot!! It´s relly cool :) You are nice. Thank U :) XX

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